IWR Corporate Managment Board

IWR's Corporate Management Board (CMB) is composed of members of the IWR Headquarters leadership, IWR Center Directors, and the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) Council Chair. The CMB advises the IWR Director on:

  • Setting the overall direction of the IWR
  • Establishes the IWR’s goals and objectives
  • Integrates IWR’s work and functions; ensures alignment of work products consistent with its goals and objectives
  • Ensures overall Quality Assurance/Quality Control aimed at producing the highest quality work
  • Establishes recruitment priorities
  • Ensures performance appraisal consistency
  • Provides the strategic oversight of comprehensive or integrated responses to cross-cutting mission, functional, business- lines or policy requests from HQUSACE or Army

IWR Headquarters Leadership

IWR Director
IWR Chief of Staff
Resource Management
Picture of IWR Director, Joe Manous   Chief of Staff, Brad Hudgens   Picture of RM Director, Rebecca Betit   Placeholder Image   Ana Allen, IWR Strategic Communications Director
Joe D. Manous, Jr.,
P.E., Ph.D., BC.WRE
  Brad Hudgens,
  Rebecca Betit   Kerry Redican, PMP   Ana Allen


IWR Center Directors

WRC Director
HEC Director
NDC Director
RMC Director
Image of Michael Pfenning   Image of Chris Dunn of HEC   Image of Shawn Komlos of NDC   Image of Nate Snorteland of RMC
Michael F. Pfenning, Ph.D.   Chris N. Dunn, PE, D.WRE   Shawn B. Komlos, P.G.   Nathan J. Snorteland, PE


Other Corporate Management Board Members

IWR DEIA Council Chair
Catherine Shuman, IWR DEIA Council                
Catherine Shuman                


IWR Technical Center Directors

  • Collaboration and Conflict Resolution Center of Expertise (CPCX) - Dr. Hal E. Cardwell
  • International Center for Integrated Water Resources Management (ICIWaRM) - Dr. Will S. Logan