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Strengthening USACE Collaboration with Tribal Nations for Water Resource Management Workshops


USACE’s Institute for Water Resources is working with The Tribal Nations Center of Expertise and Corps Districts to hold collaborative learning exchanges with Tribal nations on water resource needs and opportunities. These workshops focus on learning from Tribal nations about their current water resources priorities and related infrastructure needs, while also sharing information on relevant programs and opportunities to work with the USACE.

Topical discussions may include:

  • flood preparedness and emergency management,
  • erosion issues,
  • adapting to climate challenges,
  • the use of watershed studies to assess and prioritize project needs on tribal lands, and
  • opportunities for more integrated water resource management. 

Discussions will explore how Tribal nations and USACE can partner and best leverage their technical and financial resources to support water resources needs and challenges. Each workshop will be sensitive to the differing needs and interests of the Tribal nations present and promote Tribal priorities.


Workshops are generally being held at existing conferences that have an environmental or water focus in order to maximize participation and ease of travel. At each of the upcoming conferences, USACE will be organizing a workshop session to discuss water resource issues and how USACE can leverage their programs to assist with these challenges. See sample agenda here.

We will continue to add information where these workshops will be held as they are scheduled.

  1. Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians Winter Convention; January 27-30, 2020; Portland, OR
    1. Workshop will be on Wednesday, January 29 at 1:15 - 3:00 PM. Check conference agenda for final time and location.
  2. Strengthening Collaboration Workshop; February 11, 2020; USACE Albuquerque District Office, 4101 Jefferson Plaza NE, Albuquerque, NM; 9 AM - 4 PM.
  3. Strengthening Collaboration Workshop; February 18; Riverwind Casino; Norman, OK; 9 AM - 3:30 PM.
    1. Exact room location to be announced here soon.  


If you are planning to attend one of the upcoming workshops, please download and fill out the form to help us better prepare and so we can reach out to you in advance with any additional information. When you download the form, please be sure to open it from your computer. After filling out the form and clicking the "Submit Form" button in the form, an e-mail message will be generated that has the completed form attached to it. Please send the message with the completed form.

Registration Form

If you are planning to attend one of the upcoming workshops, please fill in the form below to help us better prepare and so we can reach out to you with any additional information.


IMPORTANT: Please note that by indicating your plan to attend one of these workshops does not automatically enroll you in the larger conference. If the workshop is part of a larger conference, you will still need to register on the conference website.