US Army Corps of Engineers
Institute for Water Resources

About the Risk Management Center (RMC)

The Risk Management Center (RMC) is a center of expertise under the Institute for Water Resources (IWR) for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps).  It was established in 2009 to improve management controls over infrastructure decisions, serve as an independent advisor to senior leadership, maintain and develop risk competencies, and ensure consistency in processes, application of criteria, and decision-making.


The goals of the Risk Management Center are to:

  1. Ensure that risks are managed corporately and reduced in the most efficient matter practicable;
  2. Lead efforts to support consistent risk-informed dam and levee decisions across the Corps;
  3. Ensure that consistent processes, policies, and methods are used across the Corps to evaluate risks; and
  4. Lead strategic planning efforts for risk management.


Roles of the Risk Management Center include:

  1. Serve as a Corps-wide resource for risk-related tools, assessments, knowledge, and methods;
  2. Serve as a technical center of expertise for infrastructure risk management and dam and levee engineering;
  3. Provide a national perspective while working with CoPs and Districts;
  4. Support routine district and MSC dam safety activities and support technical activities relating to dam and levee safety;
  5. For dam and levee safety activities, support and integrate the relevant Communities of Practice (CoP);
  6. Serve as a Corps-wide resource to interpret dam safety and levee safety policies;
  7. Enhance professionalism and technical competency by leading dam and levee training functions for HQ, MSC, and District forces;
  8. Coordinate and participate in independent peer reviews of district dam and levee safety activities;
  9. Ensure research and development objectives are consistent with future needs of the RMC;
  10. Integrate Asset Management, Dam Safety, and Levee Safety into comparable risk-informed processes across business lines; and
  11. Ensure dam and levee data is managed centrally.

Center of Expertise and Directory of Expertise

On November 20, 2008 the Institute was directed to establish the Risk Management Center as a Corps National Center of Expertise (CX) and Directory of Expertise (DX).  Designation Letter (pdf, 1.4 MB).