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RMC publications provide documentation on RMC's computer software, engineering and planning analysis procedures, project studies, seminars, training documents, and research documents. These publications are available for printing (see Publications to Download below).

Official publications of the Corps of Engineers, such as Engineer Regulations (ER) and Engineer Manuals (EM) etc., can be obtained from the US Army Corps of Engineers Publications of the Headquarters web site.

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  • RMC-TR-2017-05: Willamette Basin Regional 72-Hour Wintertime Precipitation Frequency Analysis
  • RMC-TR-2017-06: Peer Review of TVA Probabilistic Flood Hazard Approach
  • RMC-TR-2017-07: Probable Maximum Flood Analysis for Whittier Narrows Dam
  • RMC-TR-2017-08: Paleoflood Analysis for Ball Mountain Dam
  • RMC-TR-2017-09: Wind Wave Hazard for Cherry Creek Dam
  • RMC-TR-2017-10: Limited Geomorphic Investigation of Paleoflooding for Cherry Creek Dam (CO01280)
  • RMC-TR-2017-11: Flood Hazard Analysis for Cherry Creek Dam (CO01280)
  • RMC-TR-2018-02: Paleoflood Analysis for Lookout Point Dam
  • RMC-TR-2018-03: Hydrologic Hazard Methodology for Semi-Quantitative Risk Assessments: An Inflow Volume-Based Approach to Estimating Stage-Frequency Curves for Dams
  • RMC-TR-2018-09: Paleoflood Analysis for Proctor Dam
  • RMC-TR-2018-10: Inflow Design Flood Analysis for Whittier Narrows Dam
  • RMC-TR-2018-11: Hydrologic Hazard Curve Analysis for Whittier Narrows Dam
  • RMC-TR-2018-13: Annotated Readings in the History of Risk Analysis in Dam Safety
  • RMC-TR-2019-06: Concrete Chute Spillway Review
  • RMC-TR-2019-07: Data Sources for Estimating Hydrologic Hazards for Semi-Quantitative Risk Assessments