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Terms and Conditions for Use of the software found on this page can be found here.

The RMC generally discourages the distribution of source code for entire pieces of software. The source code is usually only required when porting a program to a different computer or to modify it. If appropriate and available, the RMC will provide the source for these purposes. However, the RMC cannot provide assistance with the code. Source code for components under development will not be distributed. During development, some routines will be changing frequently. The proliferation of code, that is rapidly becoming out-of-date, is not in the public interest. The RMC will make individual calculation components of the source code available publicly when versions are published.

Technical support for software developed by the RMC will be provided to users within the Corps of Engineers. Corps of Engineer offices may request support by calling the RMC, sending a direct e-mail, or e-mailing appropriate address listed below. The RMC does not provide support to non-Corps of Engineer users.

The reporting of suspected software errors is not subject to the support restrictions outlined above. The RMC is continuously working to improve the performance of this software and possible bugs should always be reported directly to RMC. Ideally, suspected errors should be reported in written form with a description of the problem and the steps that lead to its occurrence. The e-mail address for the development team can be found below in the software descriptions.

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Description about RMC-RFA

RMC-RFA can be downloaded here.

The RMC-RFA development team can be reached at

Description about RMC-DAMRAE

RMC-DAMRAE can be downloaded here.

The RMC-DAMRAE development team can be reached at

Description about ZProfile

ZProfile can be downloaded here.