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Risk Management Center (RMC) Mission

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The RMC supports HQ with technical and programmatic oversight for all non-routine dam and levee safety activities.

The RMC is responsible for managing data associated with non-routine dam and levee safety activities.
The RMC supports HQUSACE policy development and participates in strategic planning efforts as requested by HQUSACE. The RMC identifies gaps in existing policy and suggests improvements to existing policy.
In accordance with EC 1165-2-214 or the current Civil Works Review Policy, the RMC serves as the Review Management Organization (RMO) for non-routine Dam Safety products, vegetation variance, and non-routine Levee Safety related products when appropriate (i.e. those completed without a decision document).
The RMC is responsible for leading the development of risk-related tools and risk methodology for the USACE Dam and Levee Safety programs and supports risk approaches in other related areas as directed by HQUSACE. The RMC develops these tools and methods internally and with District, MSC, HEC, ERDC, and external support. The RMC leads and supports the development of methodology to support risk assessments in dam safety, levee safety, asset management, and other risk activities as requested by HQUSACE. The RMC also leads risk assessments and is the mandatory center for assessing life safety risks in accordance with the Dam Safety ER 1110-2-1156.
The RMC is responsible for supporting and informing HQUSACE's management of the portfolio of dams and levees in the Corps' inventory with the goal of reducing risks in the most efficient manner possible. The RMC leads efforts to evaluate structures where risks are potentially unacceptable and manage the portfolio from a national perspective.
The RMC is responsible for leading efforts to coordinate technical competency and technology development for risk-based scientific and engineering analyses of dams and levees.

Core Mission Areas

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The Risk Management Center is responsible for coordinating and implementing data and information resources across the safety programs.

The RMC develops and implements training and technical competency activities in support of HQUSACE as outlined in the 2017 safety program training plan.

The Risk Management Center provides or coordinates technical support for the HQ safety programs across a wide spectrum of projects and efforts.

The Risk Management Center manages, coordinates, and staffs support for HQ policy development efforts.

The Risk Management Center manages the following programs for HQ:

  • USACE Dam Safety Program
  • USACE Levee Safety Program
  • National Levee Safety Initiative

These activities are managed under the following accounts:

  • Inspection of Completed Federal Flood Control Projects (Levee Safety)
  • National Flood Inventory (Levee Safety)
  • National Dam Safety Program
  • Dam Safety Seepage and Stability Correction Program
  • Review of Non-Federal Alterations of USACE Civil Works Projects
  • National Inventory of Dams

The RMC serves as the Review Management Organization for all safety program activities including preparing and endorsing review plans, coordinating and staffing ATRs, coordinating IEPRs, and developing new strategies to improve the quality of projects in the safety programs.

The RMC coordinates and staffs life safety risk assessments across USACE.

Other Mission Areas

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There are various projects where the RMC responds to requests from Districts or Divisions to provide technical assistance on one of their projects. These activities include:

  1. Support for design activities
  2. Support for construction activities
  3. Support for After Action Reporting
  4. Flood fighting activities
  5. Technical review for miscellaneous or major dam or levee safety activities
  6. Technical review of work done by others on federal projects

The RMC supports interagency and international organizations and projects. The primary organizations that the RMC supports or coordinates with are:

  • Department of State
  • Bureau of Reclamation
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • Tennessee Valley Authority
  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
  • Rijkswaterstaat (the Netherlands)
  • Environment Agency (UK)
  • The World Bank

The RMC supports these organizations primarily through training, peer review, technical support, and supporting joint efforts.

The RMC is the official Review Management Office for Corps projects that pose a significant threat to human life. As such, the RMC manages Agency Technical Reviews (ATR) and Independent External Peer Reviews (IEPR) for each of those projects.

The RMC, being a HQ Field Operating Activity, provides program management, technical, and policy support to HQ at their request. In FY17, those tasks fall under general groups of:

  1. Asset Management
  2. Vegetation Variance Approvals
  3. Program Management for Guidance Updates
  4. Community of Practice Support
  5. Training and Technical Competency