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By USACE Learning Center | Course: 54DAS01A | Control: 28

This course trains managers, engineers, geologists, technicians, and project operating personnel in FOA engineering, construction, and operations divisions on all aspects of the Corps of Engineers Dam Safety Program. The background and history of dam safety in the Corps is covered along with the multi-discipline design, construction, and operational considerations. Details of planning, conducting, and reporting the results of a periodic inspection are included. Guidance on project surveillance by operation personnel along with the Dam Safety Program are covered in detail. Public awareness and preparedness are included.

By USACE Learning Center | Course: 54DAS02A | Control: 30

This course trains USACE staff to include managers, engineers, geologists, technicians, economists, public affairs and office of counsel personnel in engineering, construction and operations divisions on aspects of the Corps of Engineers Levee Safety Program. The course is also open to non-USACE participants interested or involved with the USACE Levee Safety Program. The course intent is to present an overview of the Levee Safety Program to include history, levee system facts and functions, the risk framework and risk-informed decision making. The course will focus on Levee Safety Program elements that achieve the USACE “life safety being paramount” mission. Levee Safety Program elements covered throughout the course include inspections, leveed area inundation scenarios, screenings and portfolio management, roles and responsibilities, risk reduction actions, stakeholders and partners, shared responsibilities and solutions, emergency planning and response, risk management and risk communication.

By USACE Learning Center | Course: 0 | Control: 36

Train U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) staff to include managers, engineers, geologists, and technicians on aspects of the USACE levee inspection procedures. The course is also available to non-USACE participants interested or involved with the USACE levee safety inspections. The course intent is to teach new levee inspectors how a variety of levee inspections are conducted. The course will focus on teaching inspectors how to use the inspection checklist, software, and tools required to complete an inspection. The course will also inform students how levee inspections fit within the Levee Safety Program’s risk framework and who should participate during the inspection process. Levee inspection steps covered throughout this course include planning and preparing for inspections, executing safe inspections, completing an inspection report using the proper software, documenting inspection data in the National Levee Database, and effectively communicating results with partners, sponsors, and stakeholders.

By USACE Learning Center | Course: 53RCP01A | Control: 104

The course is designed to teach participants to better communicate risk, understand and engage various publics, and learn to use the public participation planning process.




By USACE Learning Center | Course: 33HHD01A | Control: 320

The objective of the course is for participants to perform hydrologic and hydraulic modeling in support of Dam Safety studies. Topics presented will include: Development of Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP); Using GIS to Develop a Hydrologic Model; Hydrologic Modeling for PMP/PMF Events; Developing Dam Breach Parameters; Dam Breaching Analysis using HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS; Unsteady Flow Modeling with HEC-RAS; using HEC-GeoRAS and RAS Mapper for Inundation Mapping; and Consequence Modeling. Each participant will have the opportunity to prepare model input and analyze model output during course workshops.


By USACE Learning Center | Course: 35QVC01A | Control: 21

This course provides the participant with the specific fundamental knowledge of materials, techniques, and procedures for quality concrete construction.




By USACE Learning Center | Course: 54DAS04A | Control: 26

This course is to provide dam and levee safety professionals formal training in the requirements and best practices of dam and levee instrumentation and performance monitoring programs with emphasis on the importance of timely data collection, evaluation, and reporting. Through instruction, discussion, workshops, and hands-on exercises, students will gain the technical expertise needed to develop an appropriate instrumentation and monitoring program based on potential failure modes analysis.



By USBR | Course: N/A | Control: N/A

Concrete technology and concrete repair techniques specific to the features and problems seen within the Bureau of Reclamation. The Materials Engineering and Research Laboratory will be presenting a 3-day Concrete Technology & Concrete Repair School which will feature instruction and hands-on training on concrete and concrete repair.