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By USBR | Course: N/A | Control: N/A

The training class will offer hands-on training on visual identification of soils using the Unified Soils Classification System; laboratory and field soils testing methods; geologic logging; and common earthwork construction testing methods. There will be a strong emphasis on the technical details of identifying and classifying soil samples. A team of well-qualified Reclamation specialists will lead the training sessions.



By USACE Learning Center | Course: 35SEP01A | Control: 250

This course trains Corps of Engineers designers and field engineers for seepage analysis, control, field problems in dams, levees, retaining walls, and slopes. This course is for both novice and experienced engineers. The course uses criteria in EM 1110-2-1901 and EM 1110-2-1913 and TM 5-818-5, supplemented by field experience.



By USACE Learning Center | Course: 35SSE01A | Control: 247

This course provides Corps of Engineers personnel with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for assessing the seismic safety of Corps dams and levees along with other earth structures with state-of-the-practice analytical tools and procedures.




By USACE Learning Center | Course: 35SCS01A | Control: 262

This course is intended for engineers who want an introduction to the subject of Strength and Stability of Constructed Slopes, as well as for those who would like to review the subject for better understanding. It is not intended for individuals who have never had a basic course in soil mechanics. For many individuals the relevance of the material they studied in college often does not meet the practical applications to the problems encountered in designing and constructing stable slopes. This course summarizes the subject matter into the essential elements of shear strengths required in stability analysis of embankment dams, levees, and slopes in open cuts or natural ground. Students completing this course will be better able to select appropriate shear strength designs in various cases for which stability analyses need to be performed. This course complements and enhances the training in dam safety.