US Army Corps of Engineers
Institute for Water Resources



Water Supply Workshop Presentations

Authority for Reallocation
"January 2009 Chief Counsel Legal Opinion: Authority to Reallocate Storage under the Water Supply Act" (pdf, 105KB)

Delegations and Guidance Revisions
"Delegations and Guidance Revisions" (pdf, 43KB)

Hydropower Credits
"Determining Hydropower Account Credits" (pdf, 128KB)

"OMBIL" (pdf, 2.63MB)

Reallocation Studies
"Chatfield Storage Reallocation Study" (pdf, 8.7MB)
"Determining Yield and Storage Requirement" (pdf, 2.4MB)
"Hydropower Impact Analysis for Water Supply Reallocation Studies" (pdf, 613KB)
"Lake Kemp Reallocation and Yield Determination with Riverware's MRM" (pdf, 1.04MB)
"National Portfolio Assessment for Water Supply Reallocation" (pdf, 172KB)
"Water Management and Reallocation Studies Planning Center of Expertise" (pdf, 358KB)
"Water Supply Reallocation Dependable Yield Mitigation Storage" (pdf, 222KB)

Reservior Sustainability
"Reservior Sustainability Initiative" (pdf, 2.53MB)

Reservior Yield
"Reservior Yield R&D Unit" (pdf, 1.05MB)
"Reservior Yield R&D Unit-Outline" (pdf, 636KB)

Sedimentation Projections
"Tulsa District: Sedimentation Projections for our Reserviors" (pdf, 242KB)

Water Supply Challenges
"The Corps of Engineers Water Supply Program-Cone" (pdf, 251KB)
"The Corps of Engineers Water Supply Program-Hilyer" (pdf, 322KB)
"Tulsa District Water Supply Challenges" (pdf, 28KB)
"Little Rock District Water Supply Lessons Learned" (pdf, 58KB)
"Nashville District Water Supply" (pdf, 722KB)
"Procedure, Process and Pitfalls of WS Reallocation Reports" (pdf, 59KB)
"System Approach to Water Supply in the Savannah River Basin" (pdf, 452KB)
"Water Issues in Texas" (pdf, 1.39MB)
"Water Supply Accounting-Spreadsheet" (pdf, 60KB)
"Water Supply Storage Accounting-Bell-Spreadsheet" (pdf, 218KB)
"Water Supply Challenges Baltimore District" (pdf, 1.10MB)
"Working Together for Safer Dams and Increased Water Supply" (pdf, 1.20MB)

Water Supply Storage Costs
"Chatfield Lake, CO Cost of Storage for M&I Water Supply" (pdf, 165KB)
"Chatfield Lake, CO Cost of Storage-Spreadsheet" (pdf, 16KB)
"Chatfiled Storable Inflows-Spreadsheet" (pdf, 41KB)