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Collaborative Modeling

Collaborative Modeling for Decision Support in Water Resources: Principles and Best Practices

The complex nature of water resource management demands collaborative stakeholder processes that integrate science, policy and social values.

Written for facilitators and modelers, scientists and planners, Collaborative Modeling for Decision Support in Water Resources: Principals and Best Practices fills a gap in the literature at the intersection of technical computer modeling and conflict management disciplines as applied to water resource management.

Collaboration and Conflict Resolution

The Collaboration and Public Participation Center of Expertise (CPCX) mission is to enable Corps staff to anticipate, prevent, and manage water-related conflicts through collaboration while ensuring the interests of the public are addressed in a fair and transparent manner.         

Shared Vision Planning

Learn About Shared Vision Planning

Shared Vision Planning (SVP) is a collaborative approach to formulating water management solutions that combines three disparate practices:

  1. Traditional water resources planning
  2. Structured public participation
  3. Collaborative computer modeling

Although each of these elements has been successfully applied, what makes Shared Vision Planning unique is the integration of traditional planning processes with structured public participation and collaborative computer modeling.