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The CPCX aims to equip professionals in the field with the skills they need to carry out conflict resolution and public participation processes. Our consultation services allow Corps employees to get advice and support while still managing their particular collaborative efforts. The materials and expert information available from the CPCX enables field operators to add to their expertise gained from direct experience with improved knowledge of collaborative processes. CPCX's consultation services:

  • Serve as a conflict resolution and public involvement hotline for Corps field offices
  • Offer advice and short-term assistance to field projects in the areas of conflict resolution and public involvement
  • Provide requested information and material to the field and HQ
  • Connect Corps personnel with conflict resolution and public participation experts
  • To request information or training, or discuss a specific case, please contact a center staff member.

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Facilitation - a collaborative process in which an impartial professional seeks to assist a group of individuals or parties to discuss constructively a number of complex, potentially controversial issues. The facilitator typically works with participants before and during these discussions to assure that appropriate persons are at the table, help the parties set ground rules and agendas, enforce both, assist parties to communicate effectively, and help the participants stay on track in working toward their goals. While facilitation bears many similarities to mediation, the neutral in a facilitation process (the "facilitator") usually plays a less active role than a mediator and, unlike a mediator, often does not see "resolution" as a goal of his or her work. Facilitation may be used in any number of situations where parties of diverse interests or experience are in discussion. These situations can range from scientific seminars to management meetings to public forums. - U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution

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