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Coasts: RSM Workshop Proceedings

RSM Policy and Implementation Workshop
14-15 Apr 2009

Purpose: Revisit, assess and revise our strategies for implementing the RSM approach, and chart paths for integrating the RSM approach and principles into Civil Works business practices.

14 April - Tues.

8:30: Welcome, Workshop Goals, Introductions – Jeff Waters

8:45: Recent strategy/future strategy (ppt, 469 KB) – Jeff Waters

  • Since the 2005 Policy and Implementation workshop … RSM definition, vision, strategy, actions, successes - (stakeholder involvement); what still needs work?
  • Looking to the future in RSM – Charley Chesnutt
  • RSM as an important system approach in the Civil Works Program – Steve Stockton, Director of Civil Works

10:15: RSM in Sec 204/Sec 2037 implementation. – Early implementation, issues and opportunities
Lynn Martin (ppt, 138 KB), Sara Brown, Sam Arrowood and Craig Forgette

  • Questions about the Sec 204/Sec 2038;
  • How to achieve good integration between RSM and CAP 204 RSM;
  • Key issues/questions for implementation guidance.

1:00: Obstacles to implementing RSM

  • Panel: Lessons Learned while implementing RSM (Monica Chasten-NAP, Vern Gwin-SAM, Susie Ming-SPL and Greg Williams-SAW)
  • Group discussion: additional obstacles, what’s worked, other perspectives. Where have we made the most progress in implementing RSM and where are are we falling short?
  • Breakout groups – key obstacles and strategies to address them; How might we avoid missed opportunities for RSM in the future?
  • Report back

5:00: Pulse check – new areas/more info/preview of tomorrow

5:30: Adjourn for day

15 April - Wed.

8:30: Recap from yesterday – facilitator

9:00: RSM benefits – Report out on benefit categories and examples of quantifiable benefits from implementation of RSM.

Format: Presentation (ppt, 204 KB) by Kevin Knight followed by group discussion. What should we do next? What more does the program need? What can/should we do with this report?

11:00: RSM in Large Scale Regional Alliance Initiative (pdf, 1.72 MB) – USACE participation in efforts lead by others – Regional Ocean Governance Alliances (Gulf of Mexico Alliance (GOMA), West Coast Governors’ Ocean Alliance (WCGOA), SE Atlantic Northeast Regional Ocean Council (NROC), Great Lakes – Presentations: Andrea Geiger (Coastal States Organization) and Carl Ferraro (ppt, 2.47 MB) (Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources)

Group discussion:

  • USACE contributions? Value to RSM and vice versa?
  • Sec 204 as potential mechanism to participate
  • In addition to the above alliances, Regional Dredging Teams (RDTs), National Estuary Programs (NEPs).

1:00: What’s next re: our strategies for implementing the RSM approach, and integrating the RSM approach and principles into Civil Works business practices?

2:45: Breakout group discussions re: Action plans for future RSM needs and implementation, including – who, when, how

3:30: Group Report back and group discussion Excel (xls, 27 KB) | PDF (pdf, 33 KB)

4:15: Next Steps

  • Prioritizing the actions
  • Identify Teams for Implementation

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