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Environment: Sustainable Rivers Project

The Sustainable Rivers Projects is a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and The Nature Conservancy partnership. It represents an ongoing effort to reoperate Corps dams to achieve more ecologically sustainable flows, while maintaining or enhancing project benefits. The project is being carried out under a Memorandum of Understanding between the Corps and the Conservancy.

This series of articles about the Sustainable Rivers Project were published in The Corps Environment, a quarterly newsletter that provides information about Corps environmental actions, issues, policies and technologies.

Sustainable Rivers Overview
"River project brings together Corps, The Nature Conservancy" (pdf, 330 KB)
April 2005, The Corps Environment

Ecosystem Flows Defined for Bill Williams River
"Ecosystem flows defined for Bill Williams River" (pdf, 252 KB)
October 2005

Green River Lake and Dam Interim Plan Benefits Ecosystem
"Green River Lake and Dam interim plan benefits ecosystem" (pdf, 233 KB)
October 2006

Learning Together, Joint Training for Corps and Conservancy
"Corps and The Nature Conservancy develop joint training" (pdf, 316 KB)
January 2007

Sustainable Rivers and the Yangtze
"Joint team travels to China" (pdf, 254 KB)
April 2007

Collaboration for Caddo Lake
"Joint project looks at Texas watershed" (pdf, 229 KB)
July 2007

Corps and TNC Develop Tool to Help Improve River Management
"New technology improves river management" (pdf, 206 KB)
October 2007

Floodplains and Sustainable Rivers
"Projects restore floodplain ecosystems while reducing flood risk" (pdf, 426 KB)
January 2008