US Army Corps of Engineers
Institute for Water Resources

Our Authorities

The following laws provide project authorizations under the Sustainable Rivers Program including:
  • Section 216 of the Rivers and Harbors and Flood Control Act of 1970


Partnership Agreements

The Nature Conservancy and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers signed a Memorandum of Understanding to seek opportunities relating to the conservation, understanding, management and sustainable use of the Nation’s water and related land resources. Both organizations will benefit from each other’s expertise in natural resources management and extensive networks of staff and partners. The Institute for Water Resources plays a role in the implementation of this agreement.


Memorandums of Understanding

MOU AgenciesDate
National - Corps and Conservancy2000
Mississippi Valley Division - Corps and Conservancy2004
Southwest Division - Corps and Conservancy2004
New York District - Corps and Conservancy2004
North Atlantic Division - Corps and Conservancy2005

Northwestern Division - Corps and Conservancy

South Pacific Division - Corps and Conservancy2009
South Atlantic Division - Corps and Conservancy 2010

National - Corps and Conservancy (Addendum)