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Bill Williams - Initial monitoring resultsBill Williams River2010
Big Cypress - Floodplain inundation analysisBig Cypress Bayou2010
Green - Economic impact analysis Green River2010
Green - Endemic and rare faunaGreen River2010
Savannah - Monitoring floodplain and ecosystem responsesSavannah River2010
McKenzie - Environmental flows science summaryWillamette River2010
McKenzie - Environmental flows workshop report Willamette River2010
Savannah - Ecosystem service valuationSavannah River2011
Willamette - Monitoring plan for environmental flowsWillamette River2012
Big Cypress - Floodplain inundation interim reportBig Cypress Bayou2011
Bill Williams - Hydroacoustics and sediment coringBill Williams River2011
Bill Williams - Sediment dynamicsBill Williams River2013
Connecticut - Potential for experimental flowsConnecticut River2012
Savannah - Draft monitoring planSavannah River2012
Savannah - Review of ecological monitoring effortsSavannah River2012
Santiam - Environmental streamflow assessmentWillamette River2012
Santiam - Environmental flows workshop report Willamette River2012
Big Cypress - Monitoring network for bayou vegetationBig Cypress Bayou2013
Savannah - Drought studiesSavannah River2014
Willamette - Reservoir system modelingWillamette River2013
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