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Risk Management Center (RMC)

The Risk Management Center (RMC) is a center of expertise under the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) Institute for Water Resources (IWR). It was established in 2009 to improve management controls over infrastructure decisions, serve as an independent advisor to senior leadership, maintain and develop risk competencies, and ensure consistency in processes, application of criteria and decision-making.

The mission of the RMC is to support Civil Works by managing and assessing risks for dams and levee systems across the Corps, to support dam and levee safety activities throughout the Corps, and to develop policies, methods, tools, and systems to enhance those activities.

The RMC serves as a Corps-wide resource for risk-related tools, assessments, knowledge and methods. It is intended to offer a national perspective as well as support routine District and Major Subordinate Command (MSC) dam and levee safety activities. The RMC offers services to support dam safety; levee safety; and the Modeling, Mapping, and Consequence (MMC) Production Center.