IWR Centers

WRC - Water Resources Center

Water Resources CenterUSACE’s Water Resources Center (WRC) collaborates with USACE HQ, MSCs, and Districts, with its fellow IWR centers, and with national and international governmental and non-government partners to develop and apply appropriate solutions at the strategic, operational and tactical level for USACE’s and the Nation’s water resource management challenges.


HEC - Hydrologic Engineering Center

HEC LogoHydrologic Engineering Center (HEC), an organization within the Institute for Water Resources (IWR), is the designated Center of Expertise for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in the technical areas of  surface and groundwater hydrology, river hydraulics and sediment transport, hydrologic statistics and risk analysis, reservoir system analysis, planning analysis, real-time water control management and a number of other closely associated technical subjects. HEC supports USACE's field offices, Headquarters, and laboratories by providing technical methods and guidance, water resources models and associated utilities, training and workshops, accomplishing research and development, and performing technical assistance and special projects. The products that are developed from these activities are for the Corps but are available to the public and may be freely downloaded from the HEC web site.

NDC - Navigation and Civil Works Decision Support Center

NDC ButtonThe Navigation and Civil Works Decision Support Center (NDC), an element of the Institute for Water Resources (IWR), is the designated center of expertise for the collection, management, and dissemination of infrastructure utilization and performance information for U.S. waterways and port and harbor channels.  The U.S. Army Corps of  Engineers (USACE) has federal responsibility for establishing, maintaining, and operating navigation infrastructure essential to waterborne commerce.  The NDC directly serves the USACE’s Navigation Mission by managing and providing for sustained delivery of authoritative foundational data, information products, and analyses concerning characteristics, utilization, effectiveness, status, and reliability of navigation infrastructure systems and their contribution to commerce of the United States.  In addition to managing, operating, and maintaining data systems pertaining to waterborne commodity and vessel movements, domestic commercial vessel characteristics, port and waterway facilities, lock facilities, lock operations, and dredging projects, the NDC provides data management and technical support to Civil Works and oversight of its Civil Works Business Intelligence Portfolio.

WCSC - Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center

WCSC ButtonThe primary function of the Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center (WCSC), under the authority of the Rivers & Harbors Act of 1922, is to collect, process, distribute, and archive vessel trip and cargo data. The WCSC standard publications, Waterborne Commerce of the United States, is issued in five parts (one to cover each coast and a national summary).


RMC - The Risk Management Center

RMC ButtonThe Risk Management Center (RMC) is a center of expertise. It was established in 2009 to improve management controls over infrastructure decisions, serve as an independent advisor to senior leadership, maintain and develop risk competencies, and ensure consistency in processes, application of criteria and decision-making. The mission of the RMC is to support Civil Works by managing and assessing risks for dams and levee systems across the Corps, to support dam and levee safety activities throughout the Corps, and to develop policies, methods, tools, and systems to enhance those activities. The RMC serves as a Corps-wide resource for risk-related tools, assessments, knowledge and methods. It is intended to offer a national perspective as well as support routine District and Major Subordinate Command (MSC) dam and levee safety activities. The RMC offers services to support dam safety; levee safety; and the Modeling, Mapping, and Consequence (MMC) Production Center.

Technical Centers

CPCX - Collaboration and Public Participation Center of Expertise

CPCX LogoThe Collaboration and Public Participation Center of Expertise is (CPCX) is a center of expertise on conflict resolution and public participation. CPCX’s mission is to help Corps staff anticipate, prevent, and manage water conflicts, ensuring that the interests of the public are addressed in Corps decision making. The Center believes that alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and collaborative planning tools and techniques can and should be used to avoid and minimize conflicts, rather than just employed once conflict emerges.



ICIWaRM - International Center for Integrated Water Resource Management

ICIWaRM logoThe International Center for Integrated Water Resources Management (ICIWaRM) is a UNESCO Category 2 water centre headquartered at the IWR in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. The mission of ICIWaRM is the advancement of the science and practice of integrated water resources management (IWRM) to address water security and other water-related challenges by regional and global action, through new knowledge, innovative technologies, collaborative interdisciplinary scientific research, networking, training and capacity development.



PIANC USA LogoPIANC USA is a national section of PIANC, a worldwide non-political and non-profit technical and scientific organization established to promote both inland and maritime navigation by fostering progress in the planning, design, construction, improvement, maintenance and operation of inland and maritime waterways and ports and of coastal areas for general use. PIANC USA was organized in 1902 with USACE serving as the Secretariat.