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Welcome to the U.S. Army Engineers (USACE) Institute for Water Resources (IWR) website.  IWR was formed almost 50 years ago to provide the USACE Civil Works Program with a capability to analyze and anticipate emerging water resource trends and issues facing our Nation. Since its inception, IWR has responded to major changes in water resources development policies and addressed ever increasing public interest in water projects, increased awareness of associated environmental concerns, and the policy and technological advances of the 21st Century.   


IWR functions as a USACE Field Operating Activity under the supervision of the Deputy Commanding General for Civil and Emergency Operations and the Director for Civil Works.   IWR’s challenging mission remains integral to shaping the evolution of Federal water resources policy as it supports decision-makers at all levels within the USACE command structure. As such, IWR seeks to maintain a cadre of seasoned practitioners connected with thought leaders in water resources, engineering, economics, financing, land use planning, and related disciplines to link new ideas into practical strategic thought.  


The purpose of this website is to provide the user ready access to IWR’s many products and services.  This comprehensive online library includes not only the entire IWR library but also bibliographic data about the donated personal collection of the late Professors Arthur Maass and Gilbert White.  (This collection is housed in our renowned Maass-White Reference Room located at IWR).  This site also includes access to the Water Resources Center publications on economics, water supply, and IWRM, Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC) software and user guides, Navigation and Civil Works Decision Support Center (NDC) publications, U.S. Waterway Data, the National Drought Atlas, Corps Planning Manuals, and hundreds of other studies and reports. 


Most recently added to this website has been a wealth of information on dam and levee safety courtesy of the IWR’s new Risk Management Center (RMC), international water resources and the UNESCO International Hydrological Programme (IHP) in connection with IWR’s new International Center for Integrated Water Resources Management (ICIWaRM) (under the auspices of UNESCO), and an updated publication library associated with our Conflict Resolution and Public Participation Center of Expertise (CPCX). 


Our site also includes links to many of our ongoing activities such as Value to the Nation, Responses to Climate Change Program, USA Section of PIANC (the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure), National Flood Risk Management Program, Corps Risk Analysis Gateway, Shared Vision Planning, and the National Shoreline Management Study. 


We are committed to continuously updating our website’s content to highlight our current activities and to reinforce the importance of America’s contemporary water resources challenges to serve policymakers, stakeholders and concerned citizens.

Joe Manous, IWR Director

Picture of Joe Manous, Director of IWR

Joe D. Manous, Jr., P.E., Ph.D., D.WRE

Director of IWR
IWR Executive Office