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IWR has software available for planning functions and hydrologic engineering tasks. This software is based on complex modeling systems and is revised as the models become more refined. Although much of this software is Windows based, many programs can run on multiple platforms. Below is a tool to search our online software database. Although this software is made available to the public whenever appropriate, technical support can only be provided to U.S. Army Corps of Engineer users.



As part of its civil works mission, the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of federally-authorized shore protection projects. To solve the complex problem of modeling and measuring the costs and benefits of protecting existing infrastructure against erosion, inundation and wave attack damages, researchers at the ERDC Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory (CHL) and the US Army Engineer Institute for Water Resources (IWR) created Beach-fx.


CMST and HarborSym


Container Model Suite of Tools, Including HarborSym Model
The Container Model Suite of Tools (CMST) is a set of desktop programs and associated databases developed by IWR and designed to assist Corps planners and analysts working on port studies. The CMST is used to measures the economic effects of modifications to deep draft harbors as overall reductions in transit times and associated changes in total vessel operating costs. (NETS web site)



Regional Economic System
The Civil Works Regional Economic System (RECONS) Program is a regional economic impact modeling tool that was developed to provide accurate and defendable estimates of regional economic impacts associated with USACE spending.  It can be utilized to track progress and justify continued operation, maintenance and construction work performed by the Corps. (IWR web site)


Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC) Software


IWR-Planning Suite

The IWR Planning Suite is a water resources investment decision support tool originally built for the formulation and evaluation of ecosystem restoration alternative plans; however, it is now more widely used by all USACE business lines for evaluation of actions involving monetary and non-monetary cost and benefits.


Operations and Maintenance Business Information Link (OMBIL)


PlanUSACE Applications

IWR-APT, PAL and the Planner Database are interconnected applications for the Corps of Engineers Planning Community of Practice.  Please email to learn more about any of these applications.

IWR-APT(Assistance to Planning Teams)

IWR-APT stands for Assistance to Planning Teams.  IWR-APT is an online tool at  APT helps project delivery teams (PDTs) create, edit, analyze and manage their study materials.  APT encourages collaboration, transparency, accountability, consistent and quality products, and sharing lessons learned.  Modules currently within APT include: Risk Register, Decision Management Plan (DMP), Decision Log, Study Issue Checklist, and SMART Planning Deliverable Workflow. 


IWR-Planning Assistance Library (PAL)

PAL is a mobile-friendly internal and external resource library for planners currently with over 6,000 items (across multiple file types) including project reports, guidance, IWR and HEC reports, models, presentations, webinars and more.  The library has a geospatial search to help users identify all files within a designated area.   The tool also offers full in-text search, and the ability to search by audience, business lines, cross-cutting topic, project, series and more.  Publicly available items can be shared to social media or via email.  Internal users can favorite documents and save search results for repeat searches.  An API was created for this resources and incorporated into the next version of Simsuite for internal users.





Planning Community of Practice (PCoP) Planner Database

This is an internal tool for finding certified agency technical specialists (ATR) for all of the PCoP.  The database also holds information on planner's skills, experience, training and more.



SAS Datasets and Programs
Part of the Inland Navigation Appointment System Management System for Inland Waterway Traffic Control. Requires SAS 8.01 (NETS web site)



SimSuite is a web-based, interactive, and customizable application built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Readiness Support Center (RSC) in order to provide relevant mission area information and data. It is currently available for Corps of Engineers’ users at


Upper Mississippi River (UMR)

UMR Simulation Model
Part of the Inland Navigation Appointment System Management System for Inland Waterway Traffic Control. Requires Micro Saint Sharp 2.0 (build 1937.14831). (NETS web site)

Part of the Inland Navigation Appointment System Management System for Inland Waterway Traffic Control. Requires ESRI ArcMap 9.0. (NETS web site)