Container Ships Offloading at Port

Vessel Characteristics

WCSC Vessel Characteristics includes Data on U.S. vessels contained in the Waterborne Transportation Lines of the United States (WTLUS). The data is collected annually on a calendar year basis, by authority of 33 USC § 555,  and is published the following year.


Vessel Characteristics data includes a series of files, provided below, that include a summary of vessel companies listed alphabetically by company name. Information includes: the business address and telephone number, the Engineer District number, the TS Operator number (for usage in querying computer data), principal commodities carried, the points or localities and waterways between which were operated, and the number of vessels reported by vessel type. Excel files list the vessel companies alphabetically and describe each vessel surveyed by its name and number, Coast Guard number, type by ICST code (International Classification of Ships by Type; see appendix for code explanation), register and overall length and breadth, loaded and light draft, horsepower, carrying capacity in short tons or units of or units of cargo or number of passengers, height of fixed superstructures, cargo handling equipment, operating headquarters, and year built or rebuilt.