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Anything Interesting on the Horizon? There is with IWR’s New Horizons Program!

Institute for Water Resources
Published Dec. 30, 2021
Logo of the Inside the Castle Podcast

Logo of the Inside the Castle Podcast

Go “behind the scenes” and learn all about it with IWR’s Michael Deegan, Ph.D., on Inside the Castle, as he discusses the New Horizons Program and the work they do to define emerging issues that will potentially impact USACE during the next 3-5 years. 

Dr. Deegan describes the program as a ‘mini think tank’ inside of IWR, and the podcast continues with a lively discussion on what that means, the purpose of the program, and the exciting projects they are working on and contemplating. 

The New Horizons program is designed to look at the “big picture” and has been focusing recently on issues such as environmental justice, the future of work, and more.

On the podcast, Dr. Deegan also discusses topics such as moving towards being less risk adverse, and more understanding that success sometimes involves ‘failure’ and learning from mistakes. 

Listen about this and other thoughtful perceptions by the program’s director here!

Inside the Castle, a podcast that goes behind castle doors to have real conversations with real people about solving the nation’s toughest challenges, episode 9.30.2021.