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The "New" National Inventory of Dams (NID)'s Redesigned Website Now With Flood Inundation Maps to Download and ‘Share’

Institute for Water Resources
Published Jan. 4, 2022
Screenshot of NID's redesigned website

Screenshot of NID's redesigned website

Screenshot of NID's Flood Inundation Maps

Screenshot of NID's Flood Inundation Maps

The NID is the central repository for information about dams in the U.S. and its territories that meet specific criteria.  The congressionally authorized database shows the location of these dams and serves as a resource to support awareness and preparedness for a dam-related emergency.  The website hosting this database just got ‘make-over’ with new features and easier to use. 

USACE is responsible for maintaining the NID and closely collaborates with federal and state dam regulating agencies to obtain accurate and complete information about dams in the database. 

The new website has better navigation and there are important new components such as flood inundation maps.  These maps are very important to users who can now quickly and easily download and share maps showing different flooding scenarios in their area. This enables them to identify people and places at risk during likely flooding events so they can take critical action ahead of time and be more prepared.    

IWR supports the NID mission through its Risk Management Center (RMC), responsible for assessing and managing risks for these dams and levee systems across USACE.  In addition to handling the dam and levee data and providing life safety risk assessments, RMC also coordinates technical competency and technology development for risk-based scientific and engineering analyses by offering training and other educational resources.

Here is a short video that provides a nice overview of the NID new website features:

Find out more about IWR's support of the NID at the Risk Management Center website. 

For more information, or to explore the database yourself, visit the NID website.


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