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Jerome Delli Priscoli Elected to World Water Council Board of Governors

Published Jan. 8, 2013
Jerome Delli Priscoli ata World Water Forum Event

Jerome Delli Priscoli ata World Water Forum Event

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA - January 8, 2013.  IWR team member Dr. Jerome Delli Priscoli was recently elected to the World Water Council Board of Governors. Mr. Steve Stockton, USACE Director of Civil Works, was elected alternate.

The elections to the Board of Governors were made at a November 16-19, 2012 meeting of the general assembly of the World Water Council in Marseilles, France. Dr. Delli Priscoli, who has served on the council’s Executive Bureau for the previous six years, was invited to continue on the Bureau as special advisor to the new World Water Council President, Dr. Ben Braga of Brazil. The other members of the Bureau include the recent Director General of DSI Turkey; representatives from the World Wild Federation, China’s Ministry of Water and UNESCO IHE; and the vice Mayor of Marseilles.

Since its founding in the late 1990’s the World Water Council has become a key world focal point for activities in water that cut across the technical and political aspects of water policies worldwide.  USACE was instrumental in the formation of the World Water Council, along with the World Bank, United Nations agencies and many of the world’s major water organizations. Its activities and roles on the Council have opened significant opportunities for USACE to interact in many important world water events. For example the USACE Chief of Engineers has been participating in the United Nations Secretary General’s High Level Water and Disasters panel.  In addition USACE has played key roles every three years in the organization and execution of the World Water forums, which are run by the World Water Council and a selected country.  USACE roles in the World Water Council have been instrumental in helping build key partnerships such as with the Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLT), the Chinese Minister of Water, and a variety of African, Middle East, Mexican, South American and other water ministries. These partnerships have led to USACE Memoranda of Understanding and numerous significant joint activities supporting the U.S. State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development.

The term on the World Water Council Board of Governors is for three years. Members can serve two terms. Mr. Steve Stockton was the most recent USACE elected Board of Governors member. Before Mr. Stockton, Mr. Caver and Mr. Dianello served as elected members.

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