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Posted 11/6/2012

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ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA - November 6, 2012. Take time today to visit the redesigned U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Flood Risk Management Program website!  The site features updated content, more extensive links to program partners and new audience-based navigation features that give users options on how they search for material.  USACE made revisions to the content after considering suggestions offered during a series of listening sessions with other Federal agencies, state agency representatives, national associations, and others.  Suggestions on the redesigned website are welcome.

More revisions are anticipated over the coming months as additional phases of work are completed. Those phases include transitioning the redesigned website to a new USACE-wide delivery system and improving the Silver Jackets website in light of suggestions received during listening sessions and the 2012 Flood Risk Management and Silver Jackets workshop.

USACE established the Flood Risk Management Program to work across the agency to focus its policies, programs, and expertise and to align USACE activities with counterpart activities of other Federal, state, regional and local agencies in order to manage and reduce flood risk.