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IWR Publishes Web-Based Coastal Storm Risk Management NED Manual

Published Oct. 15, 2012
NED manuals website page.

NED manuals website page.

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA - October 15, 2012. USACE IWR has published a web-based version of the recently updated Coastal Storm Risk Management National Economic Development (NED) manual on its redesigned website.  The recently revised Coastal Storm Risk Management NED manual replaces the 1991 manual.

Damaging coastal forces act upon harbors, marshes and wetlands and endanger human lives. Events such as Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav and Ike have emphasized the increasing importance of managing the risks from coastal storms through risk assessment, risk communication and risk reduction measures.  Effective coastal storm risk management projects have competent assessments of risk and uncertainties, actions to manage risks, and an effective communication process. Engineers, planners and economists alike have recognized that total prevention of damage in a natural disaster is an unrealistic goal.  Furthermore, preventive measures may not consistently yield unvarying economic benefits. Therefore, this updated manual puts a new focus on how to identify the NED plan based on risk-informed decision making and lifecycle analysis.

The manual is primarily designed for economists responsible for preparing economic analyses of USACE coastal storm risk management projects.  However, others that may find this manual useful include planners, project managers, coastal engineers, hydrologists, hydraulic engineers and others involved in shore protection or coastal storm damage issues. The manual reviews the Corps planning process, key coastal and planning terms, describes basic coastal processes and coastal engineering principles and models used in evaluating storm and long-term erosion, and then presents a discussion of NED benefits and costs as they relate to coastal storm risk management.  Projects must meet Federal objectives, which include establishing a NED benefit. NED benefits are increases in the net value of the national output of goods and services, expressed in monetary units. Contributions to NED benefits in coastal areas are primarily reductions in damages to property. The manual also presents an integrated risk-informed framework for economic analysis that combines risk, economics and planning fundamentals.

The website offers updated web-based versions of its Coastal Storm Risk Management and Deep Draft Navigation manuals, as well as the Flood Risk Management manual, which is currently undergoing further improvements.  Additionally, the NED Overview, Primer, and Recreation manuals, among others, are also available as a pdf on the website. The website has been redesigned to more effectively navigate thru these web-based manuals and to better allow the authors to make small updates or enhancements to the manuals’ content.

If you have any further questions or suggestions for improvement, please contact Erin Rooks.

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