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Lynn Martin Retires from IWR Coastal Team

Published Sept. 18, 2012
Lynn Martin (with her dog Sydney)

Lynn Martin (with her dog Sydney)

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA - September 18, 2012. Lynn Martin, recently an Environmental Planner for the Institute for Water Resources, celebrated her retirement at a luncheon held August 30, 2012, where Director Bob Pietrowsky awarded her the Commanders’ Civilian Service Award for her more than 35 years of service.

During her time at IWR, Lynn led and contributed to studies and policy analysis on a range of environmental and water resources issues relevant to the USACE Civil Works program. She has been an integral member of the coastal team at IWR, including contributions to the “Coastal Tiger Team” that planned USACE coastal business strategy and to the development of integrated water resources management system approaches for coastal solutions. She worked on numerous interagency committees and working groups, including the National Ocean Policy, Gulf of Mexico Alliance, National Dredging team, and the National Shoreline Management Study.  She is a recognized expert and leader in coastal, ocean and environmental communities. Her legacy is found in the SAGE program where she, more than anyone, has defined how environmental principles and techniques are incorporated with shore protection and landscape transformation on a regional scale.

Lynn has devoted her entire career to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. She began her work with USACE as a co-op student at the Coastal Engineering Research Center, followed by her early career in the Hydraulics and Hydrology Branch at USACE Headquarters. The mid- and late part of her career has been with the Institute for Water Resources. Lynn’s understanding of USACE authorities and policies and how to apply them at both the project and system level has been unique. For more than ten years she guided USACE districts and divisions in how to take a systems approach within existing law and policy. She also infused her knowledge of those authorities into the Systems Approach to Sediment Management and the Regional Sediment Management Program.

The IWR team thanks Lynn for her service and congratulates her on her retirement!

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