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2011 M&I Water Supply Database Available

Published May 9, 2012
2011 Municipal and Industrial Water Supply Database report cover.

2011 Municipal and Industrial Water Supply Database report cover.

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA - May 9, 2012.  IWR has published the 2011 M&I Water Supply Database report, providing updated data on Municipal and Industrial water supply projects operated and maintained by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Data are current as of December 31, 2011 and are limited to those projects where storage has been authorized and/or is under repayment through either a storage or surplus water agreement.

"Municipal and industrial" is defined by USACE to mean supply for uses customarily found in the operation of municipal and community water systems and for uses in industrial processes. Industrial processes can include thermal power generation and mining operations. Municipal uses include household, commercial and public supplies.

This report describes 9.8 million acre-feet of storage space in 134 of approximately 380 USACE reservoir projects. These projects are located in 23 of the 38 USACE Civil Works Districts. Data described in the report includes information about the distribution of M&I by storage space and project, people served, and the percent of national needs met. Supplemental water supply yield and storage space by project, as well as reallocations by agreement, are provided in the Appendices. An annex contains agreement data, storage space and costs, and remaining principal by agreement.

The report is intended for use by district and division personnel to assist in the management of their M&I water supply program, preparation of yearly progress reports, and responding to requests from the public, Congress and the Administration. It is issued on an annual basis. The report is posted on IWR’s website.

More about Water Supply Storage

Under the terms of the 1958 Water Supply Act (WSA) (Title 111 of PL 85-500), USACE enters into agreements for water supply storage space.  The term “storage” conveys the right to store a resource (water) in a USACE reservoir project. The right to withdraw water from the storage space is a separate water rights issue that is the responsibility of the water user to obtain.  Agricultural irrigation is not ordinarily found among customers of a municipal system and, therefore, is not eligible to be included in a project under the M&I authority unless specifically authorized by Congress.  This M&I mission is normally referred to as the USACE “storage” authority.   Under this authority USACE sells storage space, not water, and does not guarantee the quantity or quality of the water to be withdrawn. Local sponsors are responsible for requiring all necessary water rights.

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