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Navigation Data Center Provides Hourly Lock Performance Data

Published May 1, 2012
Photo of Dresden Lock

Photo of Dresden Lock

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA - May 1, 2012. USACE IWR's Navigation Data Center has launched the USACE Lock Performance Monitoring System (LPMS) website at This Corps Locks website provides lock and vessel specific information derived from the Lock Performance Monitoring System. The information provided represents daily and half hourly snapshots of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) data on U.S. flag vessels and foreign vessels operating in U.S. waterways that transit a USACE owned or operated lock structure. The site features traffic and hydrologic information submitted by the locks via LPMS. This data replaces the same data formerly available on the Navigation Information Connection. Please note that detailed company or commodity information is considered privileged information and is precluded from the Corps Locks website. Additional features are planned for future release. Also available to assist the public are Facebook and Twitter pages.

More about the Navigation Data Center

IWR's Navigation Data Center (NDC) is the USACE designated center of expertise for the management of infrastructure utilization and performance information for U.S. waterways and port and harbor channels. Data collected by NDC includes: waterborne commerce trips, commodities and tons; vessel characteristics of the commercial domestic fleet; physical and operational characteristics of commercial port facilities; information for all Corps sponsored channel dredging; and physical and operational performance for Corps owned or operated navigation locks. As the nation's premier navigation data and statistics operation, NDC directly supports USACE navigation, hydropower, recreation, environmental compliance, water supply, regulatory, homeland security, emergency and readiness functions. It also supports other Federal, state and local agencies, as well as private sector interests in water transportation. NDC provides integrated business information in support of USACE decision making to include financial, output and performance measures. Additional information about NDC is available on its website.

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