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Dam Safety Webinar Discusses Periodic Assessments

Published April 12, 2011
Folsom Dam

ALEXANDRIA, VA—April 12, 2011. IWR’s Risk Management Center (RMC) recently held a second webinar to explain the intent and execution of modified Periodic Assessments for Fiscal Year 2011. Within its dam safety services, RMC manages resources to support risk assessments completed as part of Periodic Assessments. The webinar was attended by District personnel, facilitators, cadre members, and dam safety program managers from Districts and MSCs. A third webinar will be held in May to accommodate those unable to participate in previous sessions.

Dam safety activities are important components of RMC services. In addition to participating in Periodic Assessments, RMC interprets dam safety policies, supports Headquarters activities, manages dams in the USACE inventory, advises Districts on routine dam safety activities, and develops tools and methods to evaluate risk.

More about the Risk Management Center

RMC is a Corps designated Center of Expertise. Its mission is to support Civil Works by managing and assessing risks for dams and levee systems across the Corps; supporting dam and levee safety activities throughout the Corps; and developing policies, methods, tools and systems to enhance those activities. RMC was established in 2009. It collaborates with Federal, international and non-governmental partners.

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