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Municipal and Industrial Water Supply Database Updated

Published June 27, 2011
M and I Water Supply Database Report Cover Graphic

ALEXANDRIA, VA—June 27, 2011. IWR has published the 2010 M&I Water Supply Database report, providing updated data on Municipal and Industrial water supply projects operated and maintained by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Data are current as of December 31, 2010, and are limited to those projects where storage has been authorized and/or is under a storage or surplus water agreement repayment.

"Municipal and industrial" is defined by the Corps to mean supply for uses customarily found in the operation of municipal and community water systems and for uses in industrial processes. Industrial processes can include thermal power generation and mining operations. Municipal uses include household, commercial and public supplies.

This report describes 9.7 million acre-feet of storage space in 135 of approximately 380 Corps reservoir projects. These projects are located in 22 of the 38 Corps Civil Works Districts. Data is provided in the Appendices for each district and is summarized by division in the main body of the report.

The data was collected through the Corps Operations & Maintenance Business Information Link (OMBIL). The report is intended to be updated and issued annually.

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