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Jack Lane Retires from IWR

Published July 12, 2011
Photo of Lillian Almodovar and Jack Lane at Jack's Retirement Ceremony
Lillian Almodovar and Jack Lane at Jack's Retirement Ceremony.

ALEXANDRIA, VA – July 12, 2011. Jack Lane retired July 2, 2011 with 43 ½ years of Federal service, of which 39 ½ years were with the Corps of Engineers. The majority of those years were spent working with water transportation projects. Jack joined the Headquarters Civil Works Planning staff in 1972 as a geographer. He moved to the Water Resources Support Center at the Hydrologic Engineering Center in California in 1979.

Jack has worked on nine national studies and reports of waterways, harbors and the Great Lakes, including National Transportation Trends and Choices, Inland Waterway Reviews, and the Marine Transportation System report. He worked on eight special studies, including the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund annual reports to Congress, a 25-year barge construction forecast, and traffic and cost relationships of the waterway system. In addition to these studies, he worked on analytical methods and data, including Inland Navigation Systems Analysis, the Navigation Cost Recovery Data Base System, and the Navigation Project Profile.

Jack recently completed a revision of the list of ports where the Harbor Maintenance Tax (HMT) is applied. He was on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers/U.S. Customs and Border Protection team that implemented the HMT in 1987. Jack designed the water transportation system map for the National Transportation Trends and Choices and National Waterways Study reports and revised the map of the “Major Waterways and Ports of the U.S.” He also served in the Civil Works Planning Division Management Branch as assistant to the IWR Director and managed the navigation budget, contracts, and training at IWR.

At his retirement ceremony on June 30, representatives of IWR extended thanks for his years of service and wishes for a happy retirement.