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National Shoreline Management Study Website Launched

Published April 25, 2011
NSMS website homepage graphic

ALEXANDRIA, VA—April 25, 2011. IWR has launched a redesigned National Shoreline Management Study (NSMS) website. This website features information about current study initiatives, including the development of a draft National Assessment of Shoreline Change. It describes the extent of shoreline change knowledge gathered by the NSMS and previous shoreline change studies. It also addresses study activities that evaluate the economic impacts of erosion and accretion on U.S. shorelines.

The NSMS website describes Corps efforts to implement systems approaches to sediment management. It provides information on the activities and publications of the Corps Regional Sediment Management (RSM) program. RSM is an example of a systems approach that accounts for natural sediment movement, seeks to achieve multiple objectives, and emphasizes collaboration with many stakeholders. This website serves as a portal for NSMS products, including reports, websites and conference proceedings. It also connects users with programs and products by Corps partner agencies involved in coastal research and management.

More about the National Shoreline Management Study

The NSMS is charged with describing the extent, causes and effects of erosion and accretion. The study accounts for the diversity of our nation’s coasts and is studying shoreline change at regional scales. It also addresses current policies relating to shoreline restoration and will provide recommendations on the use of systems approaches to sediment management. Systems approaches recognize that activities affecting sediment can impact many resources beyond a particular site and for extended periods of time. The NSMS therefore aims to enhance coastal stewardship by strengthening integrated, sustainable shoreline management policies.

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