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IWR Climate and Global Change Teams Publish Article in livebetter eMagazine

Published Oct. 13, 2011
Photo of flooding in Burlington, North Dakota
BURLINGTON, ND – Col. Michael Price, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, commander St. Paul District (left); Mark Koenig, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Paul District, emergency operations manager; and Mike Raasakka, North Dakota Game and Fish, tour flooded areas in Burlington, North Dakota on June 30. The Corps continues to provide technical assistance to communities affected by the historic Souris River flooding. USACE photo by Patrick Moes, Public Affairs Specialist with the St. Louis District.
Photo of flooding in Vicksburg, Mississippi
VICKSBURG, MS–The Old Train Depot at the river front in Vicksburg, Mississippi, had the first floor partially submerged as the flood waters travelled passed Vicksburg in May 2011. USACE photo by Patrick Moes, Public Affairs Specialist with the St. Louis District.

ALEXANDRIA, VA – October 13, 2011. "Adapting to Climate and Global Change" has been published in the October 2011 edition of livebetter eMagazine. The authors are Kate White, Ph.D., P.E., Senior Lead for Global and Climate Change, and Jeff Arnold, Ph.D., Senior Climate Scientist, both of USACE IWR. The article presents the USACE position on Climate Change Adaptation, how it affects planning and operations, and why it's important to public health and safety.

In "Adapting to Climate and Global Change" the authors discuss the challenges of a changing climate in context with other national and global challenges that have the potential to affect missions and operations carried out by USACE. They talk about water resources infrastructure both as an investment that supports public safety and economic growth and as a tool designed to help manage extreme hydrologic effects.

The authors discuss how USACE plans to continue adapting its projects and programs within current authorizations to enhance their resilience against potential climate threats to its missions and objectives. The "USACE Climate Change Adaptation Plan and Report 2011," released in June 2011 and revised in September, is discussed, as well as the national and international collaborations USACE pursues to increase its knowledge base about best practices in studying climate change and how to mitigate climate change effects. They also highlight USACE 2012 priorities regarding its work to mainstream climate change adaptation and mitigation.

The article features quotes by Jo-Ellen Darcy, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works, who signed the "USACE Climate Change Adaptation Plan and Report 2011," and by USACE Civil Works Program Director Steven Stockton.

You can learn more about how USACE is studying climate variability and methods to adapt its operations and missions to consider it at the Responses to Climate Change Program website.

livebetter eMagazine is published by the Center for a Better Life.

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