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HEC Personnel Visit South Korea for Water Resources Management Activities

Published Sept. 23, 2010
HEC Building, Davis, CA

ALEXANDRIA, VA—September 23, 2010. Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC) Director Christopher Dunn and two HEC Senior Hydraulic Engineers, John Hickey and Cam Ackerman, traveled to South Korea in September where they participated in symposia and meetings on various water resources management topics. HEC was invited to conduct a workshop at the 8th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics in Seoul.

HEC personnel held a workshop on September 12 about Ecosystem Restoration using the software programs HEC-EFM and HEC-RAS. This workshop consisted of presentations and demonstrations of the software packages. Mr. Dunn and Mr. Ackerman then met with personnel at the Corps Far East District offices to discuss construction plans for Camp Humphreys and potential HEC involvement in analyses of expansion impacts. They then participated in an Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) symposium at the Korean Water Resources Corporation (K-water). Information on the Corps use of IWRM and HEC tools that are available for water resources modeling was presented.

These activities built upon a collaborative relationship with South Korean water resources managers that extends back to 2004. HEC has worked with numerous South Korean agencies on modeling capabilities, climate change adaptation strategies and disaster management technology. In 2009, Mr. Dunn was asked to give a keynote address on the Corps Water Management Systems (CWMS) software at the 1st International Conference on Policy and Research for Global Disaster Management (PR4GDM) in Seoul. He and other HEC personnel continue to actively pursue cooperative efforts to enhance water resources management in both countries.

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