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Former Maass-White Fellow Publishes New Book

Published Sept. 7, 2010
Book cover.

ALEXANDRIA, VA—September 7, 2010. Peter Rogers, Harvard Professor, Senior Advisor to the Global Water Partnership and former Maass-White Fellow at IWR, has published Running Out of Water: The Looming Crisis and Solutions to Conserve Our Most Precious Resource with co-author Susan Leal. This book describes the scope of water supply issues facing the world as well as strategies for averting a water shortage crisis. During his time at IWR as the Maass-White Fellow in 2003–2004, Dr. Rogers worked on a case study of the Murray-Darling River Basin in Australia that is included in the new book.

Peter Rogers is currently Gordon McKay Professor of Environmental Engineering and Professor of City and Regional Planning at Harvard University. He has authored numerous books about water resources and environmental issues, and his research interests include conflict resolution in international river basins, the impacts of global change on water resources and managing natural resources development. He contributes his expertise to the Global Water Partnership as a Senior Advisor, and he has received Guggenheim and Twentieth Century Fellowships in addition to the Maass-White Fellowship at IWR.

The Maass-White Fellowship is awarded annually to a scholar whose works promote innovative, substantive reforms in water resources policy research or analysis. It supports ground-breaking studies in water resources issues and presents recipients with the opportunity to tackle real-world water resources challenges through research and policy development.

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