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Conflict Resolution and Public Participation Center Celebrates 2nd Birthday

Published Nov. 30, 2010
CPC Goals: Capacity Building, Consultation Services, Information Exchange, Policy Support, Research

ALEXANDRIA, VA—November 30, 2010. The Conflict Resolution and Public Participation Center (CPC) celebrated its second birthday on November 18, 2010. In its second year of operation, CPC carried out numerous activities focused on its five goals of consultation services, capacity building, information exchange, policy support and research. Specific CPC achievements include conducting a week-long Shared Vision Planning workshop in Peru, developing a Public Participation and Risk Communication Community of Practice (CoP), and developing and improving a framework and methods to encourage public involvement in selecting the appropriate flood risk management plan. The CPC has also published a number of reports on conflict resolution and collaborative processes, such as “How to Conduct a Shared Vision Planning Process,” “Analysis of Process Issues in Shared Vision Planning Cases,” and the Annual Environmental Conflict Resolution Report for the Council on Environmental Quality.

The CPC is a designated Center of Expertise and Directory of Expertise. It contributes to Goals 2 and 4 of the USACE Campaign Plan. The CPC works to “deliver enduring and essential water resource solutions through collaboration with partners and stakeholders” (Objective 2b) and “communicate strategically and transparently” (Objective 4b). In FY2011, the CPC looks forward to continuing the development and enhancement of the application of effective processes and tools for public engagement, collaboration and conflict resolution.

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