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ICIWaRM Engages Local Stakeholders in Chili River Basin, Peru

Published Aug. 6, 2010
Workshop participants voting.
Workshop participants "voting" on what they consider to be priority problems of the Chili basin. Photo credit: Aleix Serrat Capdevila.

WASHINGTON, DC – August 6, 2010. The International Center for Integrated Water Resources Management (ICIWaRM), in collaboration with the National Water Authority (ANA) of Peru and the World Bank, held a successful four-day "inception" workshop (July 6-9) in Arequipa, Peru with stakeholders in the Chili River basin. The topics included Shared Vision Planning methodology, the new water law and institutions, and feedback on implementation with mitigation measures. The participants included representatives of municipal, irrigation, hydropower, mining, and upland herder interests of the Chili River basin; national and regional water authority staff; a ground water irrigator from the Ica region; the regional governor's office representatives; and USAID observers. Guillermo Mendoza, Aleix Serrat and Hal Cardwell represented ICIWaRM in designing and implementing the workshop with ANA and World Bank staff.

This "inception" workshop familiarized and prepared the participants for the establishment of a credible and transparent process of stakeholder collaboration for water management and planning. In addition, ICIWaRM worked to build capacity within ANA planning staff to lead the implementation of similar Shared Vision Planning workshops this summer and fall in four other Peruvian basins.

Follow-up to the "inception" workshop of Chili River basin includes two "collaborative modeling" workshops in calendar year 2010 to train local ANA staff on developing the hydrological modeling and decision support tools for collaborative water planning with stakeholders in the local basins. The training workshop will be hands-on and will result in developing local capacities for modeling as well as a preliminary collaborative model for the Chili River basin built with stakeholder input that reflect resources system, problems, visions, and multi-criteria indicators for evaluation and decision-making. ICIWaRM staff will also conduct briefs with USAID/Washington and the Interamerican Development Bank on the progress of the Peru Shared Vision Planning project.

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