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IWR Releases “2009 Municipal and Industrial Water Supply Database” Report

Published Aug. 9, 2010
Report cover for 2009 Municipal and Industrial Water Supply Database

ALEXANDRIA, VA—August 9, 2010. IWR has released Report 10-R-2, “2009 Municipal and Industrial Water Supply Database.” This report provides data on the 133 projects operated and maintained by the Corps that contain storage space for municipal and industrial (M&I) water supply. The data has been developed through the Operation and Maintenance Business Information Link (OMBIL), and it is currently being loaded into the OMBIL system.

The report is intended to assist district and division personnel in the management of their M&I water supply program. It will assist Washington level personnel in the preparation of yearly progress reports and in responding to requests from the public, Congress and the Administration. The report updates the 2006 report information about the M&I water supply database, and it summarizes data on reallocations and agricultural water supply. The projects covered by this report are located in 22 Corps Civil Works districts across 26 states.

More about OMBIL

The OMBIL system uses automated tools to extract information from existing databases that are maintained for specific tracking and reporting purposes. Efforts began in 2006 to develop a module for M&I water supply within OMBIL. This will eliminate the need for yearly data calls to MSCs and districts to update the water supply database. Through efforts such as these, OMBIL helps to reduce the entry of like information into multiple systems, and it facilitates the efficient evaluation of projects and their results.

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