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Planning Associates Program Holds 2011 Orientation-Team Building-Team Leadership-Effective Communications Courses

Published Oct. 29, 2010
Planning Associates Program

ALEXANDRIA, VA—October 29, 2010. The Planning Associates (PA) Program is holding three weeks of orientation/team building/team leadership/effective communications courses in Deerfield Beach, Florida, to begin the 2011 curriculum. The Course Owners for the orientation are Joy Muncy from IWR and Sue Hughes from Corps Headquarters. The first week is the orientation, including introductions between the Planning Associates, Course Owners and PA program management. Program updates, needs and expectations are addressed. The second and third weeks focus on Team Building, Team Leadership and Effective Communications for the Planning Associates.

The members of the 2011 PA class are: Craig Carrington, Environmental/Community Planner, Nashville District; Anna Compton, Biologist/Study Manager, Baltimore District; Cherilyn Gibbs, Economist, Little Rock District; Douglas Gorecki, Economist, Buffalo District; Lauren Kruse, Lead Planner, Fort Worth District; Crorey Lawton, Planner/Study Manager, New Orleans District; John Ortlieb, Planner/Study Manager, Rock Island District; Douglas Piatkowski, Biologist/Study Manager, Wilmington District; Stacy Samuelson, Planner/Study Manager, Sacramento District; Rebecca Weiss, Environmental Planner, Northwestern Division; and Michael Wyatt, Environmental/Community Planner, St. Paul District.

The PA Program is an advanced training opportunity in water resources planning offered by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to broaden planners’ competencies in solving water resources problems and challenges, and to strengthen their leadership talents. The program is targeted to journeyman-level professionals in water resources, and it consists of approximately 17 weeks of rigorous training scheduled in one- to three-week blocks. The curriculum emphasizes team building and training so that PA graduates can enhance their leadership skills and their ability to manage complex planning studies.

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