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Flood Risk Management Program

Policy and Guidance

Explore the policies, guidance and key laws that apply to the Corps flood risk management activities and the Flood Risk Management Program.

The memo, “USACE National Flood Risk Management Program Initial Guidance” (10/09/2009) (pdf, 527 KB) signed by the Deputy Commanding General for Civil and Emergency Operations established the purpose and goals of the Corps Flood Risk Management Program.

The Program Management Plan (pdf, 1.75 MB) provides further guidance and information on the implementation of the program to supplement the initial guidance first issued to the MSCs and Districts in October of 2009.

The FRM program works across the agency to support the alignment of other key programs and policies to focus on integrated, comprehensive flood risk management.

Civil Works Flood Risk Management Project Planning

  • The Civil Works Planning Community Toolbox includes a collection of guidance related to the development of Flood Risk Management projects.
  • The Corps National Nonstructural Flood Proofing Committee promotes the development and use of nonstructural flood risk reduction measures and provides risk expertise on nonstructural flood risk reduction and associated opportunities.

Understanding and Managing Flood Risk

  • The USACE Levee Safety Program provides a suite of technical and policy documents that outline both technical responsibilities and role of the 14,000 miles of levees addressed under USACE programs. Currently the USACE Levee Safety Program is working on developing a comprehensive Engineering Circular that will cover all aspects of the Levee Safety Program.
  • The Dam Safety Program uses a risk-informed approach to manage its portfolio of 694 dams, with public safety the number one priority with reliance on these key policies and guidance documents.

Emergency Management and Response

  • Engineering Regulation 500-1-1 provides guidance and eligibility for requirements to access preparedness, response, and post-flood rehabilitation resources and funding from the Corps under the authorities of Public Law 84-99 and the Stafford Act. ER 500-1-1 is currently undergoing revision to include concepts that promote more systemic thinking about post-flood repairs and promote flood resiliency of structures.
Flood Risk Management Program