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State Teams

Map of Silver Jackets state teams

A total of 54 intergovernmental flood risk management teams have been formed and are represented on the map in green.

Silver Jackets are Interagency Teams that Facilitate Collaborative Solutions to State Flood Risk Priorities

State-led Silver Jackets teams exist in all states and several territories, bringing together multiple state, federal, and sometimes local agencies and Tribes to learn from one another and work together to reduce risk from floods and sometimes other natural hazards. Silver Jackets teams conduct diverse collaborative efforts. Team focal areas vary as state priorities vary. By applying their shared knowledge, the teams enhance preparedness, mitigation, and response and recovery efforts when such events do occur. Resources for team activities are provided through the individual programs of each participating agency, within the constraints of available budgets and authorities.

No single agency has all the answers. Leveraging the expertise, programs and perspectives of multiple agencies can result in more comprehensive and cohesive solutions.

More about Silver Jackets

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers supports state-led Silver Jackets Teams through its Flood Risk Management Program.