Visiting Scholars


International Fellows for Risk Management

IWR established the International Fellow for Risk Management Visiting Scholar Program to enhance risk management tools and policies. This program brings international experts in risk management to IWR. International Fellows share best practices and develop methods that can improve risk management activities and procedures throughout the Corps. Visiting scholar activities are particularly valuable for risk management as it pertains to dam and levee safety.

International Fellows for Risk Management work with IWR’s Risk Management Center (RMC) to conduct research and collaborative activities. RMC is a designated Corps Center of Expertise that supports Civil Works by managing and assessing risks for dams and levee systems across the Corps, supporting dam and levee safety activities throughout the Corps, and developing policies, methods, tools, and systems to enhance those activities. International Fellows bring perspectives from partner countries on infrastructure decisions and risk management experiences.

How to Apply

For application information please contact the program director.