Visiting Scholars


UCOWR Water Resources

The Universities Council on Water Resources (UCOWR) and IWR developed a visiting scholar program in 2003. The program’s intent is to invite academicians to the Institute to focus on emerging water resource issues of relevance to the civil works mission. While on sabbatical these scholars are expected to perform applied, policy-relevant research to extend the Corps of Engineers knowledge of and thinking about emerging water resources needs and issues. UCOWR Fellows, chosen via a UCOWR/Corps panel, are university professors who have substantial applied experience in water resources planning and management, as well as strong teaching credentials. The position is six- to nine-month assignment based on scope of proposed research project submitted in response to a topic of interest to the Corps of Engineers.

UCOWR Fellow Responsibilities

  • Participate in policy and/or technical research culminating in the preparation of a white paper containing analysis and recommendations, suitable for publication, on the agreed upon topic based on the proposal submitted.
  • Conduct a seminar on the white paper for Corps of Engineers executives.
  • Interact with IWR staff in collegial discussions, and with Corps headquarters personnel at selected functions.
  • Prepare an article for Water Resources Update and organize a panel at the annual UCOWR conference based on the work performed under the fellowship.

Topics of Interest

  • Water supply and allocation issues: the scope of the problem and options and recommendations for addressing it.
  • Making decisions about water resources investments: novel and alternative approaches to the Principles and Guidelines framework (P&G).
  • Unique models for collaborative planning and decision-making.
  • Emerging public involvement and consensus building techniques.
  • Methods for integrating multiple objectives through trade-off analysis.
  • Applying the principles of integrated water resources management.
  • Infrastructure and economic development: worldwide trends and relationships, and relevance for investment in the United States.
How to Apply

To apply for the UCOWR Water Resources Fellowship, contact: Director, IWR