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Privacy and Personally Identifiable Information

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is very serious about guarding the privacy of the public, whether it is individuals, businesses, or organizations. There is generally no need to collect or maintain any personally identifiable information. However, if there is a requirement to collect such information, the public should know that the Corps is committed to safeguarding that information and destroying it when it is no longer required. Potential respondents should also be informed that their participation is completely voluntary and they are free to withhold their response to any questions.

If you know of or suspect any breach of personally identifiable information, please contact the ACE-IT help line immediately at:

Corps of Engineers employees can also contact

More about Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Office of Management and Budget Current Version of Circular A-130, “Management of Federal Information Resources”

Office of Management and Budget 2007 Memorandum, “ “Safeguarding Against and Responding to the Breach of Personally Identifiable Information”

Department of Defense 2006 Memorandum Issuing Guidance on Protecting Personally Identifiable Information:

LTG Carl Strock’s 2007 Memorandum on Protecting Personally Identifiable Information
Memorandum (pdf, 137 KB)