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IWR Planning Suite

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The IWR Planning Suite is a water resources investment decision support tool originally built for the formulation and evaluation of ecosystem restoration alternative plans; however, it is now more widely used by all USACE business lines for evaluation of actions involving monetary and non-monetary cost and benefits. 

IWR Planning Suite II (Version 2.0.9) was certified for national use by the USACE Headquarters on May 31, 2018. Subsequent versions have been released to maintain the software. These versions updates have not changed the fundamental components of the software and therefore the latest version ( is certified for national use. This version now has added functionality in the MCDA module to output normalized values to a CSV file. (Planning teams should consult with the Ecosystem Restoration Planning Center of Expertise for further questions.)

The Planning Suite has the following features:

  • Plan Generator

  • Cost-Effectiveness and Incremental Cost Analysis  (CE/ICA)

  • Auto reports, graphs, and tables

  • Calculation of annual average non-monetary benefits (v.2.0.6 and higher)

  • Calculation of average annual equivalent costs and benefits (v.2.0.6 and higher)

  • Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA, v.2.0.9)

  • Uncertainty Module (v.2.0.9)

  • Watershed Analysis (v.2.0.9)

Training materials that highlight IWR Planning Suite’s capabilities, improvements and case study applications are available online in the IWR Planning Assistance Library, and customized or study specific training is also available upon request. The training resources below are available in the library and offer a good starting point to familiarize yourself with the software.

  • IWR Planning Suite II: User’s Guide

  • IWR Planning Suite II (v.2.0.9) – Technical Document

  • Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) and IWR Planning Suite; PCoP Webinar Slides

  • Final Planning Model Quality Assurance Review Report for the IWR Planning Suite Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) Module

  • IWR Planning Suite MCDA Training Materials

Image of Planning Suite User Guide


Questions or training requests can be directed to the software development team at

Software Version Updates

 Version - 12 June 2023

Update includes the ability to output normalized values into a CSV file in the MCDA module. Previously only weighted values could be extracted to a CSV file. This version also has upgraded components for the data grids, charts, reports, and libraries.

 Version - 30 April 2021

Update includes minor bug fixes in the MCDA module for displaying graphical results (specifically, criteria contribution to score), corrected Percent of Max normalization method, and corrected version number displayed in the lower righthand corner of the software.

 Version - 11 March 2020

Two bar charts within the MCDA module were corrected.  The charts had the incorrect values for the plan labels.