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Updated Flood Damage Reduction Analysis Software - HEC-FDA 1.4.3 is Now Available

Published Oct. 25, 2021
Updated: Oct. 25, 2021

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has released an updated version of the Flood Damage Reduction Analysis (HEC-FDA) software developed by the Institute for Water Resources’ (IWR) Hydrologic Engineering Center (CEIWR-HEC).  The provides the capability to perform an integrated hydrologic engineering and economic analysis during the formulation and evaluation of flood risk management plans.

 HEC-FDA Version 1.4.3 has been certified and is now available for download here. Version 1.4.3 includes bug fixes, a new database integrity  routine, and enhancements to the compute algorithm. The enhancements to the compute algorithm include an increase in the number of compute points for exceedance probability and aggregated stage-damage relationships. The release notes and other documentation including the certification memo are posted at the HEC website.

HEC-FDA is designed to assist USACE study members in using risk analysis procedures for formulating and evaluating flood risk management measures. Also, the software will assist USACE staff in analyzing the economics of flood risk management projects. The software:

  • stores hydrologic and economic data necessary for an analysis,
  • provides tools to visualize data and results,
  • computes expected annual damage (EAD) and equivalent annual damages,
  • computes annual exceedance probability (AEP) and conditional non-exceedance probability as required for levee certification,
  • implements the risk analysis procedures described in EM 1110-2-1619.

HEC-FDA 1.4.3 is a certified planning model.  The HEC-FDA team is working very diligently to complete the development of Version 2.0 by the end of the fiscal year. Please update your existing studies to Version 1.4.3 and make study data backups to assist with a smooth transition from 1.4.3 to 2.0.

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