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Posted 9/23/2014

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By Hilary Adams

On September 18, 2014, the Honorable JoEllen Darcy (ASA (CW)) visited IWR. During a briefing attended by IWR senior policy representatives and managers, Director Bob Pietrowsky presented an overview of IWR’s mission, centers, activities, and accomplishments with assistance from the five IWR Center Directors and NCR Senior Managers.

Susan Hassett, participating via teleconference, provided an overview of the Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center’s mission and challenges. Nate Snorteland, also by teleconference, discussed the Risk Management Center and its involvement with the National Dam and Levee Safety Programs. Director Pietrowsky also touched on the Corps Water Management System (CWMS) and studies and emerging issues that have been part of IWR’s growth since 1990, such as IWR’s involvement in climate change and infrastructure assessment. Dr Jerry Delli Priscolli discussed his work on water policies in the 1990s for World Bank and the global focus on water security and integrated water resource management (IWRM). Finally, Director Pietrowsky discussed IWR’s ideas for the future, including a focus on sustainability, embracing new concepts, and addressing increasing competition for water and aging infrastructure. This led to a discussion of how IWR might adapt to new challenges and the importance of younger people in the workforce.

The primary focus of the visit was to receive Ms. Darcy’s input on how IWR can best leverage its skills, capabilities, and tools to maximize support to strategic initiatives. Ms. Darcy was complimentary on IWR’s plans for the future and looks forward to the continuing support by IWR to her office. At the end of her visit, Director Pietrowsky presented Ms. Darcy with an IWR challenge coin.

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