Inside the CPCX


The following resources include best practices, case studies, and the tools and techniques of collaboration and public participation:

  1. The State of Collaboration in the Corps - A Field Perspective in 2014
  2. Evaluation of Public Involvement in Flood Risk Management Pilot Projects (Dec 2015)
  3. Best Practices and Lessons Learned on Collaboration – Internal Case Studies
  4. Alternative Dispute Resolutions Series and Articles 
  5. Collaboration – Articles and Documents 
  6. Shared Vision Planning web site
  7. Collaborative Planning Toolkit web site
  8. Public Involvement and Dispute Resolution Volume 1 & 2: A Reader on Twenty Years of Experience at the Institute for Water Resources
  9. USACE Annual ECR Reports to CEQ including other Federal Agency ECR Reports
  10. Applied Learning Environments (ALEs)