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Inland Waterways Users Board

List of Presentations at Inland Waterways Users Board Meeting #70
New Orleans, Louisiana

Inland Waterways Users Board Meeting No. 70, New Orleans, Louisiana - Financial Report and Project Summaries

By Mr. Jon Soderberg
USACE Headquarters

Olmsted Locks and Dam

By Mr. David Dale
USACE, Great Lakes and Ohio River Division


Quantifying and Using 'Total Risk Exposure' to Revisit CPBM Strategies

By Mr. Jim Hannon
USACE, Headquarters


BCRs and Economic Updates

By Mr. Mark Hammond
USACE, Inland Navigation Planning Center of Expertise


Inland Marine Transportation System Levels of Service Update

By Mr. Jeff McKee
USACE, Headquarters


Mississippi Valley Division - Middle Mississippi River Rock Removal

By Mr. Steve Jones
USACE, Mississippi Valley Division