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List of Presentations at Inland Waterways Users Board Meeting #83

Charleston, West Virginia on May 17, 2017


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers FY 2017 Funding for Inland Waterways Inland Waterways

Mr. Jeffrey McKee - USACE Headquarters


Financial Report and Project Summaries

Mr. Joseph Aldridge - USACE Headquarters


Improvements for Lock Performance Monitoring System and Waterborne Commerce Data

Dr. Mark Sudol - USACE Institute for Water Resources


Inner Harbor Navigation Canal Lock Replacement General Reevaluation Report Status

Mr. Bobby Duplantier - USACE New Orleans District


Gulf Intracoastal Waterway Brazos River Floodgates - Colorado River Locks System Feasibility Study

Ms. Franchelle E. Craft - USACE Galveston District


Inland Waterways Trust Fund Projects Update

Mr. David Dale - USACE Great Lakes and Ohio River Division